What Size FOB?

FOBs come in 3 sizes: Standard, Axis, and Micro. Be sure to watch the StarrFlight FOB Arrow Sizing video below and scroll down for sizing charts:


Standard FOBs are designed for all standard Internal Component System carbon shafts (ICS) using a standard 1/4′ nock (typical arrow internal diameter 0.243-0.248 +/-)  as produced by Gold Tip, Easton, Beman, PSE, Redhead, Cabela’s, Carbon Express etc.

Standard FOB Sizing Chart

Bass ProAll sizes/series Redhead carbon arrows
Beman ICSAll series/sizes using super nocks. Not for use with uni-bushings or G-nocks or oversize shafts
BlackhawkAll sizes/series with standard bohning/GT nocks- not for use with pin nock or oversize shafts
Cabela'sAll sizes/series of carbon arrows
Carbon ExpressAll series/sizes using TCX nock or CX Meta Nock (bull dog nock collars removed)
Carbon ImpactAll size Fat Shaft, Stealth XLT,Trophy Hunters
Carbon TechAll size Cheetah, Rhino, Panther and Whitetail-not for use with pin nock
Easton LightSpeedAll sizes-NOT for use with 3-D light Speed
Easton X-7 Cobalt Aluminums 1914-2613Not for use with Aluminums using uni-bushings
Easton PowerFlightAll Sizes
Gold TipAll sizes/series with standard GT nock - not for use with pin nock or oversize shafts
High Country ArcheryBeiter 3-60 or Carbon Express nock required
PSEAll Radial X-Weave
Victory-V force and V-force HV
Can't find your arrow on either list?Contact Us and we'll look into it.


Axis FOBs are designed for use with ALL Easton Axis, Full Metal Jacket, A-C Super Slim, Beman HIT Blackmax and MAX-4. The Axis FOB is also for use with ALL Carbon arrows with internal diameters from (0.198 to 0.204+/-.

Axis FOB Sizing Chart

Arrow Dynamics Nitro StingersAll sizes/models (must use nitro nocks- will be a tight fit in FOB)
Beman MFXAll sizes
Carbon Express Edge and Edge Hunter(This arrow has been discontinued)
Carbon Impact 2008 Hot Shaft with Bohning nock(Not for Rotonock System)
Easton A/C Super SlimAll sizes
Easton AxisAll sizes including Axis Junior & Nano
Easton ST Axis Full Metal JacketAll Sizes
Trophy RidgeAll sizes/series-Nock will be a very tight fit through FOB
Easton ACC Pro Hunters(Pro Hunter series only)
Gold Tip KineticAll sizes
Can't find your arrow on either list?Contact Us and we'll look into it.


Micro FOBs are designed for use with ALL Victory VAP’s, Easton Injections, Muddy H1’s, Easton Deep Six Full Metal Jacket , . For use with f/g nock arrows (Internal Diameter 0.165 +/-)  -NO-unibushings.