New Technology FOB Airfoil vs Vanes or Feathers



The FOB is designed to provide the best arrow vane replacement for targets or broadheads.  The FOB utilizes ducted fan principles and airfoil design. At first glance, the FOB appears to be a no-brainer piece of plastic that you would find in a kid’s meal at a burger joint. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Starting with the age old principal of Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) our engineering team went to work and kept the KISS principal foremost in their thoughts. If man has learned one thing from history it’s that simplicity of design will always outlast and outperform complexity in a hostile field environment – hunting for example.

The function of the FOB is therefore very simple indeed. One has only to slide a FOB onto the back of an arrow shaft and insert the press in nock of his or her choice and the arrow is done. Due to the superior design and stringent quality control of the FOB, each and every arrow will be the same – perfect every time!

There are a number inherent issues with vanes or feathers starting with the time consuming and tedious process of either replacing them when damaged or applying them on new shafts. I’ll bet that most of you folks out there have a bunch of damaged arrows sitting in the corner waiting to be refletched – I know that we used to. Finally, the issue of high-speed stability, especially with broadheads, rears its ugly head. Our wind tunnel/strobe light testing of vanes and feathers reveals significant instability at moderate to high speed due to the fletching folding up and chattering or vibrating. You simply have to see this phenomenon to fully appreciate just how poorly a fletch performs under these conditions. Now throw in a crosswind and they really struggle to perform adequately. It’s not the vanes or feathers fault, they are doing what they were designed to do and they have done it remarkably well over the centuries.

The issue is that mankind has pushed the technology envelope so far that the old fashion fletching has exceeded it’s design capability – There is simply no margin left for these old trustworthy friends to use.