Will FOBs fit my Arrow?

The Standard FOBs are designed to fit any standard ICS (Internal Component System) carbon arrows, with a maximum OD of 0.315″. Also, FOBs will fit all Easton Super Swage aluminum arrows (Cobalt). Not for use with G-nocks or uni-bushings yet. See arrow chart on order page for list of specific arrows.

The Axis FOBs are for use with ALL Easton Axis, Full Metal Jacket, A-C Super Slim, Beman HIT Blackmax and MAX-4. The Axis FOB is also for use with ALL Carbon Express Edge and Edge Hunters. See arrow chart on order page for list of specific arrows.

Micro FOBs are designed for use with ALL Harvest Time Archery HT-1’s, ALL Victory VAP. The Micro FOB are for use with f/g nock arrows (NO-unibushings). See arrow order page.


What happens when a FOB equipped arrow passes through a target or animal?

The FOB is held in place by the press in ICS nock that is provided with your arrow. When the arrow passes through, the FOB and nock pop-off as a unit. This increases penetration, because the force required to pop the FOB off, is less than that of the fletch pulling through. A bonus is that when you are hunting the FOB will mark the spot the animal was hit.


Will my fall away arrow rest work with FOBs?

See Tuning. It is recommended that you make a clearance tester. Just take a heavy stock paper or card and cut a 1 inch diameter circle. Then punch a whole in the center. Nock up your arrow and hold the rest in the up position. Then slide the paper disk up and down the arrow. When you get to your rest, hold the arrow in the up position, and let the rest fall. Slide the paper tester over the rest and check for clearance at the rest and arrow guide (if equipped). You should have 3/16 clearance or more. Some adjustment may be required.


What makes FOBs spin?

The internal spin fins™ have a 4° offset. Being a semi-rigid airfoil the spin fins™ provide more torque to spin an arrow than conventional fletching.


How much do FOBs weigh?

FOBs weigh approximately (24.5) twenty-four and one half grains.


Do FOBs shoot faster or slower than fletches?

Starrflight FOB verses conventional fletching – The FOB has slightly less drag by design, compared with standard 4″ and 5″ plastic vanes. When sailing larger broadheads and/or shooting in crosswinds speed and accuracy is enhanced over conventional fletching. When shooting in a crosswind and/or using larger broadheads conventional vanes are less efficient and tend to fold and flutter. This causes a loss of energy and an increase in drag. FOBs are semi-rigid and more of an aerodynamic surface which eliminates flutter and reduces drag. The FOB is only ½” long, so the crosswind effected area is reduced by about 70%. This has the effect of reducing tail walk substantially.


How much noise does a FOB make?

See field review by ASAT Australia Pro Staff Bowhunter Simon Steele.


Will FOBs effect my anchor point?

No… 98% of shooters have no issues adapting to the use of the FOB.