About Us

StarrFlight® is a product line of Advanced Archery located in Pendleton, South Carolina. Everyone on the Advanced Archery team is an avid outdoorsman with a real love and passion for hunting, specifically bow hunting. With the advent of the drop-away arrow rest, Advanced Archery offers a revolutionary product that is a completely new method of stabilizing an arrow – the FOB. The fixed FOBs, as covered on this web site, are designed to be used with fall-away rests only!

The bottom line is that we have a fletching replacement that allows any archer, from novice to veteran, who uses a compound bow and a drop-away arrow rest to fletch a dozen shafts with FOBs in less than two minutes with absolutely perfect results every time. No more fletching tools, glues, cleaners and scrapers to buy and there is never a pile of arrows sitting in the corner waiting to be refletched – Any FOB can be instantly replaced in seconds right in the field without any tools or glue.

Our commitment to our customers is to deliver high quality and functional products that the outdoorsman can really use to enhance his or her outdoor experience. Look for more exciting new and innovative products from Advanced Archery coming to you soon.