Never Lose and Arrow Again! Make your own arrow string tracker-StarrFlight FOBs

After year of talking FOB Central made an arrow string tracker that you can not do with a vane! It is very easy and I tried my best to lose an arrow but could not. The video is a bit long but lots of info and many very harsh real life field testing.

Archer shoots StarrFlight FOBs 100 yards

FOB at 100 Yards by Todd Johnston, ASAT Camo Pro Staff

Archery hunting -StarrFlight FOB whack and stack compilation

Lots of quick action and many critters taken with bow and arrow. I put together some video clips showing the starrflight FOB in action.

Trophy Taker Extreme rest and StarrFlight FOB fletching

Slow motion of a TT xtreme rest shooting Starrflight FOB

Just Pass’n Thru TV Alaska Bear hunting in ground blind- trailer

Trip of a lifetime hunting Black bears in Alaska. The StarrFlight gang got together and hunted black bear from ground blinds. What a hoot! Archery only hunt with some up close and personal bears.

Bear hunting – baiting tips – up close archery bear hunting- Bait Em 907

Former Alaska bear guides Peyton and Bob give some great baiting tips during an Alaska archery bear hunt. A 6+ footer getting taken with a bow in a blind! All video from ground. The advantages of Bait EM 907 bait and many tricks learned from over 20 years

StarrFlight Qtech Imaging FOB Arrow String Tracker slow motion

Ultra slow motion of the string tracker deployment. Never lose an arrow again. Thanks to Qtech Imaging for the high speed video.

Bowhunting- Bear taken with StarrFlight FOBs

Candian black bear taken with bow using StarrFlight FOB fletching.

StarrFlight FOB Arrow sizing

How to find what size FOB to fit your arrows.

FOB vs. Fletching

The differences between a FOB arrow and a fletched arrow, and the advantages of FOBs.