Tim Goettle (Campbell, MN)

I just wanted to drop you a note about your superior product. I just got a new bow and thanks to the fobs, i didn’t need to do much tuning. In fact, The first week I needed to switch to a five spot target for practice because I broke a 1/2 dozen blaze orange fobs. I was going to send them back to you for recycling but couldn’t find your address. Thanks for the fantastic product.




Bob Lieb

These things really work!! I only took one shot this hunting season with the FOB but it was a dead center double lung hit. I watched the small buck run 80 yards and fall over in sight. I went with the axis FOB and a125g snyper broadhead and was extremely satisfied with the results. I am sending some to my buddy to try as he liked the idea better than his current feather fletching. Everyone who saw them asked the same question, what the @#$& is on your arrow. I told them what it was and that it worked great. Thanks for a product that is easy to tune and works exactly as advertised.

Wonderful product,

Bob Lieb

Rob Schnieder (Pasadena, Texas)

I am a very skeptical person when it comes to new gadgets for my archery gear. Last November I inquired about the Starrflight FOB after seeing it on an internet web site. After looking at the product, I thought it was similar to what I had seen at a NASA presentation back in high school – a round paper airplane.

I received a package of the 1” FOB’s and just by looking at them in person I thought these things will work. I stripped the fletching off one of my carbon arrows and attached the blue FOB between the nock and the shaft. My first shot it made severe contact with my fall-away arrowrest. I was disappointed, but did some very minor adjustments to my setup. The next shot was unbelievable! It was about an inch higher than I had aimed, but the FOB is lighter than three, 4 inch fletching.

My next test was to shoot it through a crosswind, and lucky for me a cold front had just blown in that morning. With a crosswind in the 20-25 mph gust range, I prepared myself for the shot. Smack! The arrow hit the bull’s-eye, but the flight was the most amazing aspect of that shot. Most normal three fletched arrows will wobble trying to gain control in a heavy crosswind; the FOB took complete control from the release of the string to impact. It shot as if there was no wind at all.

I had good shooting ability with normal fletching, but now I can hit a .50-cent piece out to 25 yards and a tennis ball out to 40. That accuracy is with a broadhead too! I cannot wait to try the FOB on a Texas porker or Rio Grand turkey.

Thanks Starrflight for the FOB. It is a truly, great product that any archer shooting a fall-away rest must use.

Rob Schneider

Cliff Nunn (Tucson, Arizona)

Just thought I’d drop you a note to tell you how pleased I am with your new product, FOBs. Since I had one of the first fall away rests around, I was able to talk you out of two dozen of your prototype FOBs. These prototypes were some pretty wild colors like Hot Pink, Chartreuse and Bright Lime Green and yes, with a quiver full of those colors, I got some strange looks from other hunters that year.

These are two things that I really like about the FOB:

One is that I haven’t had to fletch an arrow in three years. I shudder when I think of all the time, expense and hassle I used to spend messing with and experimenting with fletching – What a Pain!

The second is how well they perform in the field under hunting conditions shooting broadheads. Outside of you and your partners, I was probably the first customer to bag anything while shooting FOBs. For each of the past three years, I have been lucky enough to fill my archery elk tag and the FOBs performed as advertised each time. This past year up in Oregon ‘s Blue Mountains turned into a testimonial elk hunt and really showed me what FOBs can do when the hunting conditions get real bad.

It was late in the season on National Forest land and the elk had been hunted pretty hard for three weeks, so they were tough to locate and close in on. A storm had blown in and thankfully the woods were quiet, but the wind was howling, blowing the rain and sleet almost sideways. I was out in a fairly open area where the wind and rain were really buffeting me and the elk were in some dark timber part way down the canyon. I was able to close in on the herd and ranged a cow at 55 yards, but I couldn’t get any closer. I elected to take the shot, and because of the down hill angle, used my 50 yard pin. I could see my arrow in perfect flight most of the way there (no tailing sideways in the wind), but lost it when it went into the shadows of the timber, but it looked good. The elk blasted out of there and after 20 minutes I went to the spot the elk had been standing. When I got there, I was greeted by an orange FOB lying on the ground where the elk had been standing and I then found the blood coated arrow several yards down the hill. Even in that heavy cross wind and rain the Zwickey tipped arrow flew perfectly and the FOB worked as advertised when it arrived. When the arrow penetrated up to the FOB, it just popped right off, marking the spot of the hit and the arrow kept on going – Awesome! The elk only made it about 80 yards down the canyon.

Thanks for making such an awesome product. I’ve got all my hunting buddies using them now and we’ll (hopefully) be sending in some more photos for your web-site.

Cliff Nunn

David E. Stephens III, Team BowTech (Edwards, California)

Well Good Day Everyone! I am very excited to be writing about a new product I discovered while shooting in Vegas last week. This product will steer even the most stubborn broadhead setup.

Paul Morris, President of Starr Flight, gave me a package of these strange little things that resembled a miniature intake from a jet engine. He promised me that this little intake design would allow me to shoot a broadhead arrow with more accuracy at longer distances.

So I decided to give it a try. There are a couple things I must tell you before I proceed. You can only use this product with a fall-away rest. It will not work on any other. Paul uses a Trophy Ridge Dropzone, and I prefer to use a Trophy Taker. Also, you can only use with Internal Component System (ICS) carbon arrows.

Now I took some of my Goldtip Arrows and removed the vanes. I slid the FOB onto the shaft and inserted the nock through it. I went to the range and immediately started at the 60-yard target. I shot some of my regular arrows to make sure everything was sound and then I took out the FOB arrows. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I shot them, so imagine my surprise when I let that first one fly and it hit right with my other arrows. I shot another one and it slid right down the shaft of the previous one. Of course, I damaged the first FOB, but I had more! What an awesome flyer.

The next text I did was to shoot my 100-grain fixed head broadhead with my vanes. The arrows impacted a little to the left at 60 yards. I then screwed some more broadheads onto the FOB arrows. When I shot them they hit exactly where my field points did. I moved back to 70 yards, and repeated the same tests. The FOB arrows with broadheads still landed in the same place as my field points.

I have never had this type of accuracy with a fixed blade head past 50 yards. This new Ring Wing technology takes the troubles out of tuning your broadheads. The low profile design is less affected by a crosswind, unlike a regularly fletched vane.

The last thing I have to say is WOW!!! You will honestly never have to fletch an arrow again!!! I hope you enjoyed this thread! I am planning a hog hunt soon and I will let you know how these things perform.

David E. Stephens III

“Shoot Straight, Shoot True, Shoot BowTech!”

Chad K. Robertson, Hoyt National Staff Shooter (Sonoita, Arizona)

Thought I would write you to tell you how Awesome your FOB system works for me. Gadgets and gimmicks do not thrill me in any way. But products that work and that are dependable are important to me. And the latter is where the Fob stands with me. No matter if I shoot them for target or most importantly hunting elk they work! Also they are so user friendly and perform flawlessly for me time after time. Thanks for such a great product. – Shoot Str8, Chad Robertson

Simon Steele, ASAT Australia Pro Staff Bowhunter (Australia)

Hey Guys,

Just spent the afternoon shooting a batch of FOB arrows for the first time , the biggest thing you have to get over is the way they look, LOL . I am used to looking down at 5″ vanes but these things look nothing like that. They are the biggest break with tradition any stick finger could imagine and I really was interested to see how well they worked after all the talk and reading the info on the web site. I got a pack of 6 one inch fobs (blue) and put them on my 29″ Beman ICS 400 arrows first with field points then with my broadheads and was very pleased at how well they work. I have been shooting 125 Magnus Stingers from my Ultratec getting ready for a June Buffalo trip so they got a try out first , with Vanes these shoot like darts out to 60m. With the FOB on, the arrows were slightly higher on the target (a little lighter overall wieght) but flew perfectly and the one thing that does attract me to their performance is they make no down range noise at all , the ring wing design will not allow the tell tale chatter that vanes get (all be it less than feathers). I stood to the side (well out of the way and behind cover) while we shot vanes and FOB’S alternatively into my target at 25m and the quietness of the FOB is very noticable,you cant here the arrow coming at all as you can with Vanes. All of the arrows hit the target dead straight and in flight they were all very true. After testing the Magnus stingers I tried Tusker spirits,Outback supreme,and NAP thunderheads all in 125g and found they were all stabilized very well by the FOB. I was drawn to the FOB’s claim of 75% reduction in cross wind effect as that is a substantial gain, and my thought was that if true performance gains could be achieved that I could forgive them their strange and unfamiliar looks enough to take them hunting. There is a stiff breeze blowing this afternoon so I set up a target at the range shooting directly across the breeze at about 15kts and the impact point at 40m was a full 6 inches better with the FOB arrow landing in the target with a lot less tail right than the fletched arrow and also 4-5 inches better penetration as a result. That is quite a significant gain I think and proof to my mind of the claim they have made. I think its going to take a while to get used to the way they look but I know now for sure that they really do work as well as you may have heard. My NAP-4000 drop away works very well with the FOB and there is no sign of contact using the factory cable slide attachement to initiate drop. At $15 or so dollars for six FOB’s ($9.95 U.S.) they are not so expensive that you sould not give them a try for your self,and they do appear to be very durable and long lasting. Its great to see companies working with technology to offer hunting archers performance improvements in harmony with continuous bow improvement. I guess through out the day I fired about six dozen FOB arrows and its made me very confident of their performance ,so I will take them into the field to hunt without concern. Given that they do perform the stabilization aspect every bit as well as vanes that I could tell, I would say that the one thing I was most taken with was their silence beyond that. If your not afraid to try something different (and boy they are) Give them a try guys I think some of you will really like them.


Bill Adams (Buhl, Idaho)

Hi, After my first order of FOBS, and talking with you on the phone, I wanted to write and let you know how they are working for me. I just got back into archery last year. I am an avid Rifle hunter, but have enjoyed my new bow, and all the latest technology. I have especially enjoyed the FOBS. So far during practice they have proved to be great. They perform just as you said they would, they shoot flatter, and quieter, and seem to be strong enough to take the abuse I have put on them when I miss the target! I will start my antelope hunt this Sunday and am anxious to try them on a real hunt. I know they will perform great. We will be taking them on our Elk, and Deer hunt the first of September.

I will let you know how we did. Thanks again for a Great Product!

Mark J Seevers (Coos Bay, Oregon)

Let me start out with these are the SHIZZLE!!! I have been shooting FOBS for over a year both indoor target, field, 3D and HUNTING. They are awesome!! I shoot a Muzzy 90 gr 4 blade and get target accuracy out of BROADHEADS!! I practice at all ranges especially long ranges to improve my holding accuracy. I mean 80 yds with broadheads. 6″ groups with 3 arrows tipped with broadheads INCREDIBLE. I shoot a couple of drop aways and think that Trophy Taker is the best choice for ease of setup. Use a sight tape program for perfectly mathematical accuracy!! ON TARGET by pinwheelsoftware.com has incorporated FOBS into the program. FOBS are the most accurate. I have shot well over 1000 times in competition and probably 500 arrows with broadheads. Setup with a drop away slide on a FOB and let them fly. Sight in by shooting or get ON TARGET and shoot like a pro. Folks there is one more thing about the accuracy of FOBS. I shoot them with broadheads at 312 FPS!! Yup no lie that fast that accurate. A lot of people think they can’t shoot broadheads at 300 fps and hit anything. Well I say put on a FOB and YOU can!!!

Thanks Paul and Starrflight for such a great product!!!

Kevin Mack (Wentworth, New Hampshire)

My testing is complete. I took the 6 – 1.0″ FOBs and shoot indoors and out.

Outside there is no doubt the FOBs beat the vanes. Wind drift on long distance shots – it was no contest!!! On the quick draw close shot the FOB performed as well as the vanes. (Sound – there is a difference, yet it is hard to say if the difference is louder or just different. I have come to the conclusion that it would not have a measurable effect on game. (Shooting at live animals will be the real test!)

Now, shooting at archery shops – that will get you some looks and some questions! On 20 yard indoor targets I was shooting as well with the FOBs as I did with the vanes. When you add up the other benefits to the FOBs – Quick arrow preparation, marking kill shots, safer transportation of arrows, etc.. The FOBs win again.

You sold me! (or should I say they sold me!)

Thanks for a great product.