Tim Goettle (Campbell, MN)

I just wanted to drop you a note about your superior product. I just got a new bow and thanks to the fobs, i didn’t need to do much tuning. In fact, The first week I needed to switch to a five spot target for practice because I broke a 1/2 dozen blaze orange fobs. I was going to send them back to you for recycling but couldn’t find your address. Thanks for the fantastic product.




Bob Lieb

These things really work!! I only took one shot this hunting season with the FOB but it was a dead center double lung hit. I watched the small buck run 80 yards and fall over in sight. I went with the axis FOB and a125g snyper broadhead and was extremely satisfied with the results. I am sending some to my buddy to try as he liked the idea better than his current feather fletching. Everyone who saw them asked the same question, what the @#$& is on your arrow. I told them what it was and that it worked great. Thanks for a product that is easy to tune and works exactly as advertised.

Wonderful product,

Bob Lieb

Never Lose and Arrow Again! Make your own arrow string tracker-StarrFlight FOBs

After year of talking FOB Central made an arrow string tracker that you can not do with a vane! It is very easy and I tried my best to lose an arrow but could not. The video is a bit long but lots of info and many very harsh real life field testing.

Rob Schnieder (Pasadena, Texas)

I am a very skeptical person when it comes to new gadgets for my archery gear. Last November I inquired about the Starrflight FOB after seeing it on an internet web site. After looking at the product, I thought it was similar to what I had seen at a NASA presentation back in high school – a round paper airplane.

I received a package of the 1” FOB’s and just by looking at them in person I thought these things will work. I stripped the fletching off one of my carbon arrows and attached the blue FOB between the nock and the shaft. My first shot it made severe contact with my fall-away arrowrest. I was disappointed, but did some very minor adjustments to my setup. The next shot was unbelievable! It was about an inch higher than I had aimed, but the FOB is lighter than three, 4 inch fletching.

My next test was to shoot it through a crosswind, and lucky for me a cold front had just blown in that morning. With a crosswind in the 20-25 mph gust range, I prepared myself for the shot. Smack! The arrow hit the bull’s-eye, but the flight was the most amazing aspect of that shot. Most normal three fletched arrows will wobble trying to gain control in a heavy crosswind; the FOB took complete control from the release of the string to impact. It shot as if there was no wind at all.

I had good shooting ability with normal fletching, but now I can hit a .50-cent piece out to 25 yards and a tennis ball out to 40. That accuracy is with a broadhead too! I cannot wait to try the FOB on a Texas porker or Rio Grand turkey.

Thanks Starrflight for the FOB. It is a truly, great product that any archer shooting a fall-away rest must use.

Rob Schneider

Archer shoots StarrFlight FOBs 100 yards

FOB at 100 Yards by Todd Johnston, ASAT Camo Pro Staff

Starrflight FOBs in slow motion

This video is from YouTube user bowhunter4e.

“I got a new camera and I’m playing around with the slow motion option. I love these FOB’s.”

TN River Boys 3D

This video is from YouTube user frazier2209.

“Me and a few buddyies one afternoon on a small 3D course we set up.
TN River Boys”

Archery hunting -StarrFlight FOB whack and stack compilation

Lots of quick action and many critters taken with bow and arrow. I put together some video clips showing the starrflight FOB in action.

Trophy Taker Extreme rest and StarrFlight FOB fletching

Slow motion of a TT xtreme rest shooting Starrflight FOB

Just Pass’n Thru TV Alaska Bear hunting in ground blind- trailer

Trip of a lifetime hunting Black bears in Alaska. The StarrFlight gang got together and hunted black bear from ground blinds. What a hoot! Archery only hunt with some up close and personal bears.