About Us

StarrFlight® is a product line of Desert Dynamic Research Inc. (DDR) located in Tucson Arizona. DDR is a company that is comprised primarily of engineers from the aerospace industry, more specifically, missile design and test engineers – mechanical, manufacturing and electrical.

Everyone on team DDR is an avid outdoorsman with a real love and passion for hunting and fishing. Being engineers, we are always analyzing and modifying our equipment in the pursuit of improved performance.

With the advent of the Fall Away Rest, DDR has designed and produced a revolutionary product that is a completely new method of stabilizing an arrow The FOB. Drawing upon our experience with missile structures, guidance, navigation and control as well as aerospace materials, we have carefully engineered the FOB to solve all issues related to high speed stability, durability and instant, no tool, field replacement. The fixed FOBs, as covered on this web site, are designed to be used with fall-away rests only!

Ok, bottom line is that we have a fletching replacement that allows any archer, from novice to veteran, to fletch a dozen shafts with FOBs in less than two minutes with absolutely perfect results every time. No more fletching tools, glues, cleaners and scrapers to buy and there is never a pile of arrows sitting in the corner waiting to be refletched – Any FOB can be instantly replaced in seconds right in the field without any tools or glue.

Our commitment to our customers is to deliver high quality and functional products that the outdoorsman can really use to enhance his or her outdoor experience. Look for more exciting new and innovative products from DDR coming to you soon.

We support and believe in American ingenuity, resourcefulness, freedom and the equal opportunity all Americans share.